The first thing you need is SlySoft  AnyDVD.  Click the banner and download and install this program.   There is a free trial.  This program will run in the background and detect when a DVD is placed in your computer.  It will automatically remove the copy protection.   The HD version of the software will also work with any blue-ray DVDs.

This is an amazing program.  On newer DVDs it will automatically download a patch for that dvd if it is needed.  I have yet to find a DVD that this did not open up.

The next program you need is CloneDVD Mobile.  Again, there is a free trial version.  This great program will let you select the dvd movie, then a profile for your mobile device.  select a few options and where you want to save the movie and the program will convert the full size DVD to a file custom made for your device.

Depending on your device, use your software to send it to that device.  for example, Itunes for and Iphone.

The process is simple and quick.  Slysoft does all the hard work and magic.

You can find Clone DVD portable here.

Good luck and enjoy your DVD collection.